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Brad Steele, Associate Pastor, Minister of Worship and Children

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First Baptist Church of AlachuaAlachua, Florida

“Before Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment came to renovate our facility, we had a space that wasn’t meeting our needs anymore. We’d gotten to the point where whenever our congregation tried to do a larger event such as a dinner, the Fellowship Hall and couple of classrooms we had couldn’t accommodate the load. We found that people wouldn’t come to the events because the (previous space) was uncomfortable; it was hot, and people were packed in. There was a definite need for more fellowship space.“The gym that Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment finished for us will be used for movie nights, fellowship and recreation; recreation space was the main reason for the gym. Area sports programs held at local churches have grown, but the churches are short on space. Our community is excited about the new gym, and we’re probably going to partner on sports programs with other local churches, too. We’re hoping this new facility will bring new members into our church. It’s a safe place for children to come. “

Ron Cupler, Biltmore Construction Company, Inc.

Belleair, Florida

I would highly recommend Southeastern Surfaces and Equipment to another facility. Sales representative Becky Carlisle was knowledgeable of all the equipment available, and she had outstanding customer relations skills. Heather Nighman had a “get the job done” attitude, too.

I have been impressed with the product quality, value for the price, the installation and first-use experience, after-use experience, and the service I’ve gotten from repeated visits for inspection and maintenance. I would definitely hire Southeastern Surfaces and Equipment again for future project needs.

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