Operable and Moveable Walls

Operable Partitions: Modernfold Continues as Innovative Leader with Acousti-Seal® Encore™

Many businesses, churches, schools and hospitality venues across America have found that operable partitions are incredibly flexible solutions to making the most of interior spaces. For some, it means creating quiet spaces in the midst of chaos. For others, it means creating a space that, in turn, can earn more revenue for the enterprise. There’s […]

Space Divisions: Create Unique Spaces Affordably with Operable and Moveable Partition Walls

Operable and movable partition walls are cost-effective ways to optimally utilize spaces within schools, community centers, churches and more. Choosing the right partitions and movable walls for your space is as important as thoroughly maintaining them over the usable life of the product, too. The service professionals at Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment have the expertise […]