Caring for your flooring

The Best Care for your Synthetic Flooring

At Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment, we take every step possible to help our customers understand how best to care for their new flooring and help preserve its life. Plus, if they ever need a deeper clean, our customers can count on us to provide that service, too. Take a look at our video and get a glimpse at how […]

How to choose a flooring company

You know by now that Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment does a lot more than install flooring, but flooring continues to be one of our most popular product lines. When installing wood, rubber, or PVC flooring, projects that necessitate quality products and a professional team, we want to help you be certain you’re taking the steps […]

What kinds of shoes should you allow on your flooring?

In many Eastern countries and Scandinavia, removing shoes before entering a house is a cultural custom. An obvious side benefit of the long-standing tradition is that it saves floors from significant damage that can be caused from all different types of shoes; shoes that leave pesky pocks, indentations, scuffs and marks. In our lives and […]