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Bleacher, backstop and floor graphics and colors pump up team spirit in gyms across America

We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do! We’ve Got Spirit to Share with You! (We’re so excited about spiriting-up your school’s gymnasium, we just had to cheer the news!)

Did you know that school mascots, colors, branding elements, and logos can be added to nearly every surface of a gymnasium by the team of professionals at Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment (SSE)? It’s true; there’s no limit to the possibilities!

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Uninspiring wood bleacher systems are a thing of the past, thanks to our partnership with Hussey Seating – our partner in seating solutions. The market leader in using technology to revolutionize today’s school environments, Hussey has developed several products that the SSE team uses to transform gyms around the Southeast. Hussey’s Xtreme Graphic Logo products permanently bond full-color artwork to seat modules, creating an impressively large mosaic. Or, choose Block Logos for an economical way to bring the spirit to a gym’s bleacher system.

But the opportunities don’t stop there. Through SSE, gyms can be even more customized with Hussey’s courtside seat logos, court signs, step signs, full-bleed graphic-end curtains, colored rails and more.

What about backstops? We have them covered, too. Basketball backstops can be customized with team or branding colors through SSE’s partnership with Performance Sports Systems. The SSE team powder coats Performance Sports Systems’ ceiling-hung, portable or wall-mounted backstops to match the desired theme. And not to be outdone – wall pads can be adorned with customized logos and graphics, too!

But don’t stop at bleachers and backstops – floors can be showstoppers, too. SSE’s expert design and installation managers are pros at creating and installing floor graphics for use on sports-arena floors, gymnasium floors, hallways, fitness-center floors, recreation-center graphics, arena steps and concourse walkways.  From basketball-center court logos to sponsor-ad graphics along the sidelines, the possibilities are limitless under your feet.

As fall sports begin full-fledged planning and practicing mode this summer, it may just be the perfect time to deck your gym with SPIRIT. Contact Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment online or at 1-800-644-8875 for insight as to how your spirited gym can become a reality.

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